BTA Solutions

BTA - between the arm


BTA, or between the arm, is mainly used in the triathlon sector. Here, bottles or GPS mounts are usually fitted between the arms to achieve better aerodynamics. The frontal area of the body is one of the biggest factors in terms of air resistance. For this reason, additional water bottles are mounted between the arms on the trailers with great success. Since frame manufacturers do not really cater to the needs of athletes, there is a great need for customized solutions. We therefore offer you special solutions that we develop ourselves and manufacture in-house.

Our decades of experience in the field of plastics technology help us here. Our BTA adapters are made from a mechanically almost indestructible TPU in our print farm. Many products on the market are made from PETG or other materials that can withstand tough requirements such as temperature and UV resistance. Our material was developed in collaboration with the industry, with a focus on impact resistance, break resistance and high heat resistance. The material is also UV-resistant and has a high chemical resistance.

Due to the market distribution, you will usually find parts for Canyon TT bikes with us first, but contact us if you have special requests or ideas.

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