Payment options


If you want to pay with PayPal you will find the corresponding button during the ordering process, which will redirect you to the PayPal page. After the successful registration process, you can confirm the payment for your order with us from your account.

The order is then automatically released in our system for further processing.

The delivery will then take place as quickly as possible using the desired shipping service.


If you want to pay your order in advance, that's no problem. After your order process, you will receive an order confirmation by email in which our bank details can be seen.

Mark your transfer with the order number to ensure a quick order processing. It is not necessary to send the payment receipt. We automatically reconcile our accounts several times a day with regard to incoming payments and our merchandise management system then triggers the delivery without delay.

Please note that some email providers define emails with attachments as spam, so if your order confirmation doesn't arrive, just check your spam folder.