Rocker Plate Half Banana

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Rocker Plate Half Banana complete set

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DIY Rocker Plate Half Banana

With the Rocker Plate Half Banana we offer you a complete set with which you can take your indoor training to the next level. The lateral inclination relieves your sit bones and activates more cycling-specific muscle groups.

Your sense of balance will be trained and your core will also be better trained due to the higher activity in contrast to static sitting on a fixed roller trainer setup.

The driving pleasure and the closeness to reality increase noticeably and you can also complete longer units on the roller. Our rocker plates are used by professionals as well as by simple hobbylettes with great success and fun ..

So, put an end to the short 30 min units, which then cause you numb sit bones and frustration, up on our rocker plate! Our Half Banana is suitable for all common smart trainers and has corresponding cutouts. Due to its more compact design than a full size, i.e. large one-piece rocker plate, it requires less stowage space and is easier to stow.

In order to raise the front wheel accordingly, we also supply you with a riser / front wheel elevation made of the same high-quality 18 mm screen printing plate material as the rocker plate. It is big enough to hold a KICKR Climb or an Elite Sterzo Smart steering system.

The most important function of a rocker plate is the lateral tilting / wobbling / rocking, we achieve this by using cushioning/dampening balls made of plastic, the cushioning behavior of which is progressive and adjustable. The desired tilt angle is set using the Rocker Plate Heavy Duty damping balls, which you can easily adjust to the air pressure when installed.

Here, the lower the air pressure, the more tilting movement. What is important is the progressive damping that a ball offers you, i.e. little damping at the beginning and the higher the lateral incline, the harder the ball becomes. As a beginner on a rocker plate, you tend to have high air pressures of around 0.2 to 0.3 bar, as the driving experience takes getting used to at the beginning.

The aim, however, is to enable high tilt angles without great resistance, so that the bike can swing freely and no effort is required to move the rocker plate. Otherwise, the wrong technique and stress stress is the result, especially when driving standing up.

But feel free to approach the low pressures. A pressure of 0.1 to 0.15 bar is ideal. You can find more information on this and other topics relating to indoor cycling and rocker plates, as well as a rocker plate FAQ on our BLOG.


Now to the technical features of the Half Banana Plate:

• Top plate CNC milled in Germany from waterproof glued 18 mm screen printing plate / birch wood, no impregnation is necessary.

• Milled center line on the upper plate and also on the riser, so that you can mount your bike centrally on the tilt axis of the rubber buffers.

• Holes and countersinks for the stainless steel screws in M10x25 for fastening the rubber buffers.

• Holes for the dampening balls including neatly milled curves on the inside so that the balls rest cleanly and are not damaged

• Lower plate also made of 18 mm thick, waterproof, glued screen printing plate / birch wood

• We deliver stainless steel screws, not cheap galvanized screws

• Construction height: Rocker plate 36 mm plate thickness plus 50 mm rubber buffer height results in a total height of 86 mm, if you have grown long and have a low ceiling height, this value may be useful


Dimensions of the Rocker Plate Half Banana:


Length: 680 mm

Width:  900 mm


Our Rocker Plate Half Banana Plate is suitable for the following trainers:

• Elite Direto XR

• Elite Direto

• Elite Drivo

• Elite Suito

• Elite Suito T

• Wahoo Kickr

• Wahoo Kickr Core

• Wahoo Kickr Snap

• Tacx Neo 1

• Tacx Neo 2

• Tacx Flux S

• Tacx Flux 2

• Tacx Bushido

• Saris H3

• Saris H2


Thanks to the various universal millings, almost any trainer can be mounted on the Rocker Plate Half Banana, if your trainer is not listed here, please contact us!


Scope of delivery of our Rocker Plate Half Banana:

• 1 piece of 18 mm Rocker Plate Half Banana upper screen printing plate including the trainer-specific cutouts

• 1 piece of 18 mm Rocker Plate Half Banana lower screen printing plate

• 1 piece riser 19 mm top side screen printing plate, two riser side supports 18 mm screen printing plate including pre-drilled holes for the screws, 6 stainless steel hexagon socket screws (the riser has to be screwed together by you)

• 6 stainless steel screws M10 x 25 mm

• 3 rubber buffers 50 x 50 mm, M10

• 3 pieces of Velcro cable ties 20 x 450 mm

• 2 pieces of Rocker Plates damping balls Heavy Duty 6 inch balls

• 1 piece ball valve

• 1 piece of manometer for setting the air pressure on your cushioning ball

• 1 air pump

• 1 assembly instruction / tips and tricks


What else is needed: An M10 / M3 Allen key and little manual skill to assemble the Rocker Plate Half Banana.



Screen printing board (BFU-100 waterproof glued multiplex board made of birch wood), phenol-coated, DIN 68705 part 3


Shipping information: This article is delivered with DPD as the sender! and we send this items free of charge with the EU

Product weight: 22,00 Kg

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