Smart Trainer

Smart Trainer are the most innovative products for indoor cycling.

You can train interactively with a smart trainer and training software or training platform such as Zwift. The software and the Smart Trainer communicate with each other and the Smart Trainer then changes the resistance depending on the route to be traveled.

In other words, when you ride virtually uphill, the Smart Trainer from Elite automatically increases the resistance. During workouts, the Smarttrainer also controls the intensities of your intervals.

At Wahoo there is even a simulation of rough ground. In conjunction with our rocker plates, you can now safely ride your tours even in bad weather or in winter, we clearly recommend ZWIFT!


There are three types of smart trainers:

• Direct Drive Trainer, here you remove your rear wheel and mount your bike directly on the trainer

• Wheel on Trainer, here you simply take your bike and mount it on the trainer, your rear tire is then controlled by a small roller in the resistance ... this type is less precise and recommended for budget setups.

• Roller trainer, here you drive freely on three wheels, which is very demanding in terms of balance and concentration, here we clearly recommend products from Elite!

Wahoo Smart Trainer


Elite Smart Trainer

Elite Smart Trainer wie zum Beispiel Direto XR und Suito sind...

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