Rear Bottlemounts

Bottle cage for the seat post

The seat post is used to mount water bottles to ensure that you have a sufficient supply of fluids or carbohydrates. In addition to the pure function of holding the water bottle, such a bottle cage is also used to mount tools, gas cartridges, start numbers or Garmin radar devices.

The manufacturers are quite one-sided here and usually offer quite expensive solutions made of aluminum (Canyon).

Here you will find alternatives that are convincing in terms of function, durability and variability. All at a fair price. Under the ROCKAIRLABS brand, we develop customized solutions here in Hesse near Frankfurt, as well as standard parts for the Canyon CFR triathlon bike, for example.

As a rule, the parts are manufactured in our print farm. The material we use is a plastic that is indestructible under normal circumstances, has a slight residual flexibility, but still holds your bottle securely. In the event of a fall, nothing shatters and the material also has a slight vibration and noise damping effect.

If you cannot find a suitable seatpost bottle cage for your application on the aftermarket, please contact us by email at

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